Website Design and Development
We offer complete solutions for the Web, including concept development, design and implementation of infrastructure to support the website with features like interactivity, dynamic content, etc.
We also help our clients host their websites, update and provide maintenance of their sites.

Software Design and Development
We specialize in developing applications using emerging Java technology. We are always abreast of the latest developments in the field of Java. We also develop applications for the Windows and Unix platforms. We have used Visual C++, Visual Basic, Perl and C languages to implement applications for our clients.

Intranet Application Development
To leverage the usefulness of the web in an Intranet environment, we provide solutions which can be used for a variety of purposes such as collaboration, groupware, automation of repetitive tasks, integration of existing applications with the Web and consolidation of various resources.

Research and Consulting
We offer our research services for our clients to bring to life their ideas. In the process, we suggest the best technology available for the task. We also design proof-of-concept applications to offer a look and feel of the design concept.
We also offer research and consulting services in the areas of Internet/Intranet design, Java design, software development for Windows and Unix platforms