Understanding IP Addressing

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IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator

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Below is a list of some of the features for the IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator:

  • The IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator is a 100% pure JavaTM application and can run on any operating system which supports the Java Platform version 1.1 and above.
  • The maximum possible number of Subnets and Hosts are calculated for a given IP network class and the number of subnet bits.
  • A graphical representation of the class, network, subnet and hosts bits with the 32-bit IP address is provided.
  • All information is presented in both dotted-decimal and dotted-hexadecimal formats.
  • For a given IP address the following are computed:
    • Subnet Address Allocation Range
    • Subnet Mask
    • Subnet ID
    • Network ID
    • Host ID
  • A list of subnets and the host ranges within each subnet are computed and presented in a table. Rows from this table can be selected and copied to the system clipboard.
  • The entire set of host addresses within a subnet can be viewed in a separated table. There is also a provision to resolve the DNS names of the hosts currently in use.
  • CIDR/Supernetting is supported.
      For a given IP network class and the number of supernet bits, the following are computed:
    • The maximum possible number of classful networks and host addresses.
    • The supernet address allocation range.
    • The supernet mask and route address.
  • Subnet information is calculated using RFC1878: the most recent document on subnetting.
  • Base converter for converting numbers between Decimal, Octal, Binary and Hexadecimal and lookup table for numbers from 0 to 255.