Understanding IP Addressing

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IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator

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The IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator is a 100% pure JavaTM application to assist in computing subnet/supernet information for IP networks. For a given IP network class, it calculates the maximum possible number of subnets and hosts, in addition to a host of other variables. A list of all the subnets and host addresses in each subnet are also computed. Class Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) is supported for use in supernetting networks. A Base Converter for converting between decimal, octal, binary and hexadecimal numbers is also included.

The IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator can also be run as an applet in a Java-enabled browser. Both the application and applet versions have been successfully tested on Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.

Click here to start IP Subnet/Supernet Calculator demo applet